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The Product

iPestbook has been developed from the Farmanco Pesticide Handbook (also known as the PestbookTM) - an annual publication from the Farmanco agronomy team. The Pestbook is based on over 30 years’ worth of innovative research data about weed and disease control for all major crops. 

The PestbookTM is regarded as the best independent guide to weed, insect and disease control in Australia. Until recently it was an annual, printed, publication that you would often find on the dashboards of agronomists and farmers’ utes.

In 2017, we moved all of our data from the 300+ page Pestbook into an online database and have been producing the printed Pestbook from the database since then.

iPestbook is based on this database, which is updated with feedback from our own agronomists as well as external agronomists throughout the year- so it’s always up-to-date.

The app lets you select application type, crop and pest and then gives you a list of potential treatments.

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